Care Connex


About Care Connex

Our executive team’s personal experience working in the social and healthcare sector led them to see the importance of a specialised care service that would fill the hole left by independent care providers and national organisations. After meeting at a healthcare conference, they realised that their combined skills and experience could help the healthcare sector.
Care Connex was established with the intention of providing specialised and personalised services to individuals and businesses that are in need of quality care services.
With a combined decade of industry expertise, Care Connex is currently considered a professional home care service provider as well as staffing solutions. Providing the health and social care industries with the best possible care and work force solutions.

Our Contacts



0115 824 1199


0775 250 4556


92 Rolleston Dr Arnold,
Nottingham, NG5 7JP

Statement Of Purpose

Our goal is to provide the greatest level of care possible to ensure the complete happiness of all of our customers and service users. Our entire staff is dedicated to achieving this goal. Our mainstay is the well-being of our employees.

Our overarching objective is to assist in the development of a community in which anybody in need of any of our services or assistance will feel secure and confident in the services we give, and, above all, will voice their happiness with the overall services received. All of our employees believe the same thing, and they all work together to make sure that our mission is reflected in everything we do. 

Our Values

Our core beliefs are that we must maintain high standards of quality, honesty, accountability, and responsibility. It makes no difference to us whether the healthcare organisation that we assist is large or small; the requirements that you have as an individual customer are of the utmost significance to us either way.



Our mission is to create a significant impact on the lives of each of our candidates, our customers, and the communities we serve. We will be recognised for the quality of care and service that we deliver to everyone with whom we interact and for whom we are responsible.



Care Connex is a service-oriented business that focuses on providing the best possible experience to both its clients and its candidates. The company also comes up with new ways to help its clients become more self-sufficient, build stronger brands, get closer to candidates, and gain the trust of the market and its clients.