Care Connex



We are aware that living life to the fullest while coping with an autism spectrum condition (ASD), which can include Asperger Syndrome, can be challenging and that the degree of difficulty can vary widely across individuals.


Because of this, we have developed a comprehensive range of innovative autism services that are tailored to the requirements of each of the people whose lives we improve and that ensure a better general standard of living.
Through the use of person-centered care plans, our mission is to assist the people we support in acquiring the knowledge and abilities necessary to comprehend the world in which they live, as well as to inspire them to work toward realising their ambitions and goals.
Going to college in order to take a variety of classes is something that this implies for some people, while for others it may just mean finding work placements and other daytime possibilities that are aligned with their objectives.

Every one of our person-centered programmes is geared toward providing assistance to people who have autism, from the surroundings that are secure, well-structured, and comfortable to the staff teams that have a great deal of experience and competence in the field. The following are examples of the specialised services we provide:

  • Transition Services for Supported Living and Community Outreach
  • Innovative Aid Programs in Safe and Caring Environments
  • Transition services for supported living and community outreach
  • Education and potential jobs are both available.
  • Move along a care pathway that caters to each person’s unique needs and aims to bring forth their full potential.


The Most Effective Support Available, Whether for You or a Loved One!

All of the autistic individuals who take advantage of our residential and community-based programmes are provided with support and care by staff teams that have significant prior experience working with autistic individuals. In addition, a positive behaviour support expert is available to assist with each programme.
We are dedicated to providing care that draws on the expertise of a wide range of professionals, so we cultivate close working relationships with a wide variety of specialists.
These professionals may include primary care physicians, medical staff, speech and language therapy teams, dietitians, social workers, opticians, and possibly professionals in other roles. Because of the intimate working ties that have been established, everyone is able to obtain the required support to fulfil all of their specific requirements.