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Companionship Care

Our companionship service decreases the risk of loneliness by providing friendship, discussion, and someone to share hobbies and interests with.

When you become older, it is necessary to keep up with your physical health and fitness, but it is also important to maintain your emotional and social well-being. Both of these aspects contribute to your quality of life.

Bereavement can leave you without a spouse, partner, or friend with whom to share your twilight years, and sometimes friends and family do not live close enough to call on you on a consistent basis, even when they do live nearby.

Keeping in touch with other people and having friends is important for staying alert, interested, and feeling like your life has meaning.

Our friendly and polite staff will spend time with you or your loved one as part of our companionship service. During this time, they may assist with activities such as doing the crossword puzzle, participating in activities related to hobbies and interests, organising the garden, going to social events, or simply having a good conversation over a cup of tea.

These ordinary activities may sometimes take on a far greater significance when there is no one else nearby to share them with, and they have the potential to prevent you or a loved one from getting isolated or lonely.

How Can We Assist?

  • Friendship, companionship, and conversation
  • Listening to the radio or watching television with you or a loved one.
  • Participating in and encouraging your loved one’s hobbies or interests
  • Playing crossword, jigsaw, or puzzle games with a loved one
  • Light gardening
  • Transport to and participation in social and recreational activities
  • Support with light exercise and outdoor activities
  • Baking and cooking together with you or a loved one.

Finding the best match for you

We work hard as part of our companion care searching service to identify someone who will fit in well in your house. We take into account your hobbies and passions in order to discover the ideal live-in companion for your loved one.

We can discover the ideal care arrangement for you, whether you need companion care for the elderly or someone to come in while family members are away on vacation.

We recognise that introducing someone into your home might be intimidating, which is why our friendly care staff is available to discuss the best companion care choice for you. We can assist you whether you need live-in care for a short or lengthy period of time. Get in touch with us right away so that we can discuss your needs.


Personalised one-on-one help:

Our companionship care services can be changed to meet the exact needs of you or your loved one, whether that means a short visit every day, outings into the community once a week, focused care over the holidays, or support as needed if the primary caregiver needs to go on a long trip.

Providing a little bit of additional assistance and company is often all that is required to help you or a loved one feel less lonely and more like a human being again.