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Alzheimer and Dementia Care

Life may be quite disorienting for persons suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Staying in familiar settings at home may frequently reduce distress and help the individual to maintain their independence for a longer period of time.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most well-known kind of dementia. It is a progressive and degenerative brain illness. What you may not realise is that dementia is not a sickness. It is a broad term for a group of symptoms related to memory loss and other cognitive problems that are bad enough to get in the way of your loved one’s daily life.

Caring for an older loved one who has Alzheimer’s or another kind of dementia may be extremely challenging for your physical and emotional well-being. Because of the disease’s degenerative nature, many families seek the support and help of home care specialists such as Care Connex. Care Connex are experts in Alzheimer’s and dementia care and can make your loved one’s and your life simpler and more pleasurable.

We will collaborate with you to develop a personal home care plan that will evolve as your loved one’s needs change. Our care team has significant training and expertise in delivering the appropriate degree of personalised care and assistance, as well as closely monitoring everything from medication to everyday activities.

Our objective is to provide a pleasant environment and activities that focus on what your loved one can still accomplish rather than what they can’t.

Services for Alzheimer's and Dementia

Care Connex provides a variety of services to help people with Alzheimer’s disease be as independent as possible and live the lives they want. We believe that working together with the client, their family, and other care providers is the best way to give each person the treatment and help they need.

A manager from the Care Connex office will organise a visit to work with you to develop a personalised care and support plan. Because each individual is affected differently, the plan will assist you in achieving your personal objectives and desires.

Our highly trained team establishes a relationship with you in order to better understand what is important to you and how you want to live your life. We learn how you prefer to communicate so that we can keep you as in charge of your care and assistance as possible.

We always strive to comprehend each customer’s behaviour and assist them in feeling good about themselves.

Here are some of the services we provide to those living with dementia and Alzheimer's disease:

  • Assisting in the preservation of a safe living environment
  • Attending treatment sessions with you (e.g., art or music therapy sessions)
  • Accompanying patients on medical visits
  • Providing opportunities for cognitively stimulating activities (e.g., setting puzzles and quizzes)
  • Managing behavioural changes caused by dementia
  • Encouraging social interaction.
  • Supervising everyday activities
  • Live-in dementia care